Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The first post for 2012

Happy New Year everyone! It's been almost two years now since I finished my film Laika and I've decided that it is time to make another short film so that is my New Year's Resolution.
I've started writing the script and developing visuals for an animated musical set in the English Countryside
I had forgotten how difficult and draining the "creative" process can be, especially the writing...

The project has already attracted some attention as it has been selected for the 

As part of the ESP I've attended a script writing residency in the fairy-tale like city of Luxembourg and In March I will be presenting Electrifying Love at a co-production forum in Maribor, Slovenia. 
With a bit of luck and some hard work I will begin the production this spring!

Here is a small glimpse of the upcoming project...

Electrifying Love
New Short Film by AZ

and here is a new doodle I made...
I was trying out a specific color pallet and creating a pattern that resembles a bird eye view of fields. 


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