Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Seeing dots and colour

Exhibition of Yayoi Kusama work 

Giant balloon at the entrance to the exhibition

A couple of weeks ago I went to see the retrospective exhibition of Yayoi Kusama work at Tate Modern in London. I wasn't sure what to expect as (shamefully) I was not familiar with her work. What awaited me is hard to put into words. It was an explosion of colors! 

One of my favorite pieces was a painting entitled A Gill (1955). To me it looked like a stormy sea or an old map and strangely the red shapes reminded me of the Hattifatteners in the Moomin books. 

Its a great painting to just lose oneself in. 

 A Gill (1955) by Yayoi Kusama

I was also mesmerized by the Aggregation: One Thousand Boats Show (1963). It was an old boat covered with elongated shapes made of fabric and painted white. The whole room was covered in black wallpaper with a photograph of the same boat.

The boat looked like it was frozen it time after a wreckage  and was slowly covered by shells.

Aggregation: One Thousand Boats Show (1963) by Yayoi Kusama

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  1. Very cool! I really like the second image that looks like a map.