Saturday, 16 March 2013

Tea shops in Helsinki

-Tea pots-

The Ounce
Fredrikinkatu 55, Helsinki

A Tea Shop from a different era.

The moment you enter you feel like you traveled back in time roughly 100 years. It is a small, dimly lit shop consisting of two rooms that resembles an apothecary. The fist room is the actual shop. On the right wall there are several dozens of big glass jars full of tea leafs with all the flavors imaginable. The shop assistant is dressed in a costume from the same era and knows all the teas by heart. We pointed at a couple of jars and she brought them to the counter, she then shook them, opened the lids and passed them to us. The aromas were amazing. We bought some jasmine teas and the shop assistant wrote down the names of the teas with an old fashioned ink quill.

The second room is the cafe of the shop, its has beautiful, rich decor and here you can order a cup of tea and escape the noises and hassles of everyday life.

The glass display cases all around the shop are full of intricate tea accessories, beautiful china cups,pots and of course tea jars and boxes. All in all this is great shop and the teas we bought were delicious.

The Ounce is a chain of stores also available in Russia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.


The Huone
Eerikinkatu 10, Helsinki, Finland

A modern tea shop with a twist.

This was the second tea shop we visited that day. It's quite a small but airy shop, with modern clean design, big wooden counter and white wash walls. The atmosphere of the shop also had something from older times, that reminded me of traditional merchant shops.

The tea here is stored in big white paper bags and the shop assistants opens each bag for you to smell the tea leafs. There are over 100 different tea flavors and the smallest amount you can buy is 25gr.

There are also displays with tea accessories, tea pots from China and Japan, as well as beautiful gift boxes.

There is also a small cafe, with a couple of tables where you can order a cup of tea and a dessert. We bought some black tea and green jasmine tea, they were all delicious. Another great shop!

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